Castlepoint Lighthouse
Ferns, by Neil Dawson
Glenelg Jumper
Pointe au Baril Lighthouse
Crossing on the Interisland Ferry
La Sagrada Familia
Castlepoint LighthouseFerns, by Neil DawsonGlenelg JumperPointe au Baril LighthouseCrossing on the Interisland FerryLa Sagrada Familia

I enjoy travel – let’s face it, who doesn’t?  But much as I like a big scenic landscape, I’m as often drawn to the details of a place as I am to the big picture.  I remember the first time I saw the Sydney Opera House, and marvelled at the tiling – having only seen images of the whole thing, I had no idea the surface of it wasn’t completely smooth.

So when I photograph while travelling, it’s as likely to be the small things – a trail marker sign, the numbers on a fishing boat, the way paint peels – that attract me, as it is to be the grand vistas or great buildings.  I admire those, certainly; but I stay for the details.

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